Saturday, November 10, 2018

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Meet NOAA's First All-Female Hurricane Hunter Team

One Minute conversation with Cory Christopher (@theRiver)

“Am I My Brother’s Keeper?”

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Egoism and Moral Skepticism

The Three Dimensions Of A Complete Life


Egoism & Altruism

Altruism and Psychological Egoism

Altruism versus Psychological Egoism: The Tendency to Engage in Prosocial Behaviour and the Personal Motives behind our Actions

Contrasting different philosophies of leader motivation: Altruism versus egoism

Egoism Vs. Altruism

The Holiness Hidden Within The World: Rabbi Rachel Timoner On Rediscovering Judaism

The Wandering Jew

The Art of Logic by Eugenia Cheng review – the need for good arguments: From debates about same-sex marriage to white privilege … A book of pure maths applied to the real world makes the case for thinking more clearly and logically in politics

Eugenia Cheng: "The Art of Logic: How to Make Sense in a World that Doesn't" | Talks at Google

David Wise, Journalist Who Exposed C.I.A. Activity, Dies at 88

Bethany Hamilton is ‘Unstoppable’


Everyday People by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Grateful Dead - Truckin' - with lyrics

The Conservative Resistance Inside the Vatican: Some Catholic leaders are using the sex abuse crisis to unseat Pope Francis.

The Ending Needs Work: Humanists Can Lead on End-of-Life Decisions

About a Boy: My Transition from Religion and the Trauma It Inflicts

FIRST PERSON | The Power of Burning Man

PHILOSOPHICALLY SPEAKING | Life’s a Bitch: An Atheistic Theology of Grace

How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence

Old Lady Gets Stopped For Speeding, Leaves The Cops Speechless With Genius Response

The Sun Magazine


My Name Is Nobody 1973 Terence Hill, Henry Fonda, Jean Martin

Do It the Hard Way- Grace Slick

Grace Slick - Garden Of Man

GRACE SLICK - Face To The Wind

Grace Slick - El Diablo

Jefferson Starship - White Rabbit - 11/8/1975 - Winterland (Official)

John Stewart - Price of the Fire Lyrics

Groovie Goolies Monster Mash Music Video

Prince Lenny Kravitz American Woman

Kingfish plays Jimi Hendrix's "Hey Joe" @ The Blue Canoe in Tupelo, MS

Grace Potter and Joe Satriani cover Cortez the Killer

Alabama 3 - Ain't Goin' to Goa

Orianthi Performs VooDoo Child LIVE at KaaBoo 9/16/2016

Dave Matthews Band - All Along The Watchtower (Live in the Central Park)

Little Feat - Willin' sung by Lowell George Live 1977. HQ Video.

Shinedown - GET UP (Official Video)

林英哲 海の豊饒(和太鼓アンサンブル)

Keep Up: Noname’s verbal and vocal acrobatics.

Heather Havrilesky asks a radical, essential question: “What If This Were Enough?”  The veteran critic and beloved advice columnist’s new collection of essays is a lifeline built of the toughest love

Greta Van Fleet - Highway Tune

Steppenwolf - Monster

Alabama 3 - Too Sick To Pray (Live in Sydney) | Moshcam

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Exclusive: U.S. weighs new warship passage through Taiwan Strait

3 US Army Soldiers do a cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’

Germany Stops Exporting Arms to Saudi Arabia After Killing of Jamal Khashoggi

Trump’s Space Force Is No Joke: China, Russia, and the U.S. are already militarizing space. Here’s why that’s dangerous.

Trump Vows to Outspend Russia, China on Nuclear Arsenal Buildup

Terrorism related links 111018

Jamal Khashoggi: What the Arab world needs most is free expression

Turkey provides details of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, and they are truly horrific

'We Call BS': As Saudi Arabia Claims Khashoggi Killed in 'Fistfight,' Trump White House Issues 'Laughably Weak' Response: Saudi Arabia's "explanation for the arbitrary execution of Jamal Khashoggi is just not plausible. No government should accept it," says U.N. special rapporteur on extra-judicial executions

America deserves to know how much money Trump is getting from the Saudi government: His corruption is a national security issue.

The Khashoggi Affair: Column: A journalist's disappearance endangers the anti-Iran alliance

Take a Deep Breath on Saudi Arabia: Sobriety must prevail.

If a Prince Murders a Journalist, That’s Not a Hiccup: In the end, Saudi Arabia played Kushner, Trump and his other American acolytes for suckers.

Washington Post calls on Trump, Congress to demand "verifiable evidence" on Khashoggi

Jared Kushner Is Neck Deep In The Saudi Arabia Cover Up

'Jamal Khashoggi body parts found in well in Saudi consul general's home': THE BODY of slain journalist Jamal Khashoggi has supposedly been discovered in Istanbul with his face “disfigured.”

The High Costs of the Proposed Flores Regulation

President Reagan: Speech on Airstrikes Against Libya, April 14, 1986

Forget Trump Hysteria, Here’s How the Migrant Caravan ‘Crisis’ Really Began: It wasn’t supposed to be a big deal, but a TV station close to the Honduran gov’t wanted to embarrass an organizer and said he’d pay for everything. Then ‘the avalanche’ began.

Exclusive: President Trump vows to send as many troops to the border ‘as necessary’ to stop caravan

Tracking Trump's Convoluted Immigration Policy

Suspected mail bomber ‘found a father’ in Trump: family lawyer

Trump says he does not bear blame for attempted bombings

How Trump's Psychology Of Hate Unleashed The MAGABomber

Accepting Asylum Seekers Is Legal and an American Tradition: Helpful reminders for media coverage of the refugee caravan

FBI arrests leader of neo-Nazi gang who fled to Central America

The victims of the Tree of Life synagogue massacre are martyrs

New Shiite-led Gov’t in Baghdad: How Iran won the Iraqi Elections & Frustrated Trump

‘Those Kids Are No Longer Yours’: An Investigation into Uganda’s Adoption Market.  How parents lose their children to families in the United States.

The Dealmaker: Splashy summits and Nobel Prize talk are a sideshow. The real power behind peace on the Korean Peninsula isn’t Donald Trump or even Kim Jong-un. It's South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

A War Without Civilian Deaths?  What arguments for a more humane approach to war conceal

Hate crime charges filed in Pittsburgh synagogue shooting that left 11 dead

Pentagon sending 5,200 troops to the border in 'Operation Faithful Patriot' amid Trump condemnation of migrant caravan: The forces are to be in place by the end of the week, just days before the midterm elections for control of Congress on Nov. 6.

Trump’s Caravan Hysteria Led to This: The president and his supporters insisted that several thousand Honduran migrants were a looming menace—and the Pittsburgh gunman took that seriously.


Pittsburgh: Grieve, Heal, VOTE!

Living Fringes on the Edges of America -- Again

Trump's Plan to End Birthright Citizenship Takes Direct Aim at the Constitution: The president said he intends to remove the right through executive order—a move that would reignite a long-standing debate over the Fourteenth Amendment.

Trump’s Citizenship Birthright Argument DESTROYED

Gab, the hate-breeding social network Robert Bowers used, is going dark for now: The Pittsburgh synagogue killer's favorite place to hang out online is losing its hosting service.

An Overview of U.S. Refugee Law and Policy: Refugee Status

Resettlement in the United States

Here’s the list of military units headed to the border

Trump Not Sure If Military Will Shoot Migrants Crossing Border, Warns Them Not To Throw Rocks


Nigerian Army Uses Trump’s Words to Justify Fatal Shooting of Rock-Throwing Protesters

To be clear: Seeking asylum at the border is not illegal

JWV responds to the Attack at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA        

Hundreds crowd Columbus Jewish center to mourn Pittsburgh synagogue victims

Aldo Raine's Briefing


Jewish hospital staff treated synagogue shooting suspect as he spewed hate, administrator says

Ukraine activist Kateryna Handzyuk dies after acid attack

Sent by Trump, soldiers arrive at border as migrant caravan in Mexico pushes north: One U.S. resident calls the beefed-up security a waste of money, while another says, "I'd bring every troop I can find."

America's Better Than This!

Pulp Fiction in Istanbul, or, the Looming Turkey-Saudi Cold War: The disappearance, and probable brutal murder, of journalist Jamal Khashoggi on Turkish soil could crater an already troubled geopolitical climate.

Donald Kim

The World of the Alley: Naguib Mahfouz’s Cairo.


Pressing Concerns

Gavin McInnes and the Proud Boys: Defending themselves, or spoiling for a fight?  After last Friday’s New York brawl, how much responsibility do right-wing militants have for the violence?

The Khashoggi Affair Won’t Stop Trump’s Drive for War With Iran: Symbolic punishment will be designed to protect the policy of provocation.

Why a US Divorce from Saudi Arabia would be Good for Us and Them

Khashoggi Is the Tip of the Bloody Iceberg: 10 More Reasons to Cut the U.S.-Saudi Alliance.  By maintaining close ties with Saudi Arabia, the U.S. is sending a message to citizens around the world that it values money and power over human rights.

Khashoggi Murder Reveals Unpleasant Truths About the Saudi Regime — And Its Enablers in Trump's White House: Is anyone still surprised when he shames us?

Falling for a Saudi Prince's Charming Spell

The Final Sermon of St. Óscar Romero Resonates Today

Trump admin will apparently not renew program to fight domestic terror: The Trump administration had already canceled a grant for a group that fights white supremacist terror.

Donald Trump’s Anti-Semitism Problem—And Ours

What is happening to our country?

Shaking My Faith in America: The bloodshed in the Tree of Life synagogue is a sign that hatred of The Other is poisoning our public life.

Of Course Donald Trump Inspired Cesar Sayoc’s Alleged Terrorism: Sorry, Trumpies, this was no false-flag leftie or Unabomber in the woods. He is Trumpism uncut and unplugged. Deal with it.

Who’s to blame for American political violence?

F-Bombs and Real Bombs: Our problem isn’t “incivility.” It’s right-wing violence.

Here Is a List of Far-Right Attackers Trump Inspired. Cesar Sayoc Wasn’t the First — and Won’t Be the Last.


The Washington Post’s Max Boot Blames Right-Wing Media For Domestic Terrorism

Trump’s Party Is the Petri Dish for Diseased Minds That Grew Cesar Sayoc

Thousand Oaks shooting leaves 13 people dead, including gunman, and 18 injured

Why the migrants still come

Mom Of Thousand Oaks Shooting Victim Who Survived Las Vegas Makes Heartbreaking Plea
Susan Orfanos demanded gun control after her son was killed: “I hope to God nobody else sends me any more prayers.”

Mass shootings in U.S.: When, where they have occurred in 2018


Judge Declines to Block Anti-Islamophobia Effort in San Diego Schools